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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adventures in Bible Study!

This past summer my oldest son Peter took his family on a vacation around the United States.  They were gone for six weeks.  They saw as much of this great land as they possibly could in that time but didn't come close to seeing it all...however, what they did see was breathtaking in beauty, history and memorable moments for them all.  

I was trying to think of how I felt this week as I zigzagged through Scripture with Kay as my guide, and Peter's family trip came to mind.  She took us to the Old Testament and to the New and then back again.  Each time it added to my belief that this Book we hold in our hands, if people really read it, would prove itself.  We wouldn't have to do a thing except hand them One.  The beauty of the Scripture as it ties the Old and New together through covenant is an exciting and sometimes even unexpected adventure of discovery day by day. Like a trip across America, you wonder what the new day will bring!

This week I learned so much about covenant and about life.  We serve this Savior who does so much more than we realize.  When He redeems, He redeems not only our lives from death, but He also redeems everything about our lives.  He can redeem the bad in our lives and create something good.  His covenant not only gives us life everlasting and saves us from death, it gives us life right here and right now!  He lives in us because of the covenant He cut with His own life and that power exceeds all.  It redeems our lives and then, as if  that weren't enough, He abides..He lives in us!  

I feel as if I have been on an adventure this week!  And much like when my granddaughters got home and I asked them, "So, what was your very favorite part?"  They would say, "I LOVED South Dakota, but I also LOVED North Carolina, and Tombstone, Arizona was soooo cool!"  So it is with me.  I loved being in Genesis at the beginning of covenant.  I loved that we visited Jonathan and David in 2 Samuel.  And it was soooo cool to see it all come together in 1 Corinthians where Paul painted the picture of the Passover meal Jesus had with His  disciples as He introduced the covenant of all covenants...the one that all the others pointed to!  Wow!  What a week!

I hope your week was full of  joy and discovery!

Love to you:)


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