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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It Takes a Wedding!

Hi there my sweet friends!

Well, I am fresh off the wedding of number five child, number three daughter.  And just like God,  He knows I need object lessons, so the last few days have been a rich time for me in more ways than one.  All these weeks we have talked of covenant and it has been wonderful to hear about it and study it, but this past Sunday...I experienced covenant with the wedding of my daughter, Aimee and her wonderful husband, Zach.  

My brother-in-law, Frank, who is a judge, performed the ceremony and wouldn't you know he talked of covenant...the importance of covenant, this solemn promise made one to anther.  In that moment, suddenly, I saw all these incredible evidences of God speaking His covenant to the people in the audience.  I wanted to turn around and say..."Oh, my gosh, you guys!  This is way more than simply about Aimee and Zach getting married!"  I realized  our God was even in this ceremony, imploring those witnesses  to see the significance of covenant.  My heart was humbled as I  watched Aimee and Zach take their first communion together and my mind reflected during that precious moment on Jesus and His last meal with the disciples.  I thought of Aimee...stunningly beautiful, dressed in white, absolutely radiant in her veil and gown,  candles lining the aisle, the look on Zach's face when he first saw her, and I thought of veils and tabernacles, bread and wine and the purity of priests and brides..The Bride.  This incredibly vivid picture of Christ and the love He has for His bride was reflected in every the adorning look of love Zach gave to my Aimee.  It was all over his face...He thought she was PERFECT!  In Aimee's excitement to belong to her Zach...her beaming expression of "I can't wait to be yours!"   And I thought...this is the way it is supposed to be.  Covenant was never ever meant to carry a negative connotation.  It was supposed to be like this moment...pure joy!  He loves us like that!!!

God gave us a new covenant so we could be pure, beaming, unashamed and beautiful.  All covenants point to this truth:  HE LOVES US (more than Zach loved Aimee on Sunday:)  He loves us with passion so overwhelming He did not hesitate to plan a covenant that would one day cause Him excruciating pain and physical death.  This covenant speaks to me that I am worth it.  He has always wanted covenant to be our joy and blessing, our place of peace and safety.  It is humanity that causes covenant to become a curse.  

Sometimes it takes an object lesson to bring it all into focus for me.  That is what happened this past Sunday.  And for a moment...I felt it...the passionate, overwhelming love of the the Lord's new covenant!

Sweet, sweet blessings of knowing how very much your Lord loves you, my friends!

Love to you...


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