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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update on my Sienna!

Good morning, girls!

I had to let you know about my van.  I know it has been on your mind the past couple of months:), and I have been meaning to get this post written so I could set all of you at ease.  Well, here's the ending of the Sienna story:

One evening as Peter and I were driving to my daughter's house in my new car, I said out loud:  "I wonder if I will ever see the Sienna around?"  Peter kind of squirmed in his seat a moment and then simply replied to my question..."No, it's not in the country.  I didn't want to tell you because I thought it would upset you."  After my new car was bought Peter told me the Subaru was the easiest car he ever bought (all online) but the most difficult car he ever replaced (my fault because I was such an emotional head case).  I assumed that the van probably went south of our border, so I told Peter I was fine with the van going to Mexico.  I just wanted a family to enjoy it.  To this comment Peter finally let it van was not in the country...not even on the was being shipped to Dubai in Middle East!!!  He explained that the larger families in the Middle East have created a huge demand for these vans.  NO WAY!!!!  Can it possibly get ANY better than that?????  My prayer and worship chapel for the past decade was in a Muslim country!!!  Oh, my gosh!!!  

I tell you, girls, I can't help but believe that the Holy Spirit lingers in places where He has been called upon over and over.  So in my imagination I keep seeing scenes and I can't help but smile with the thought of them.  Can you imagine a Muslim family driving down the road in my prayer closet when from the back their little one asks out of the blue;  "Who's Jesus, Mommy?"  Or begins humming a worship song?  Or a verse from the Bible keeps running through their minds?  Isn't that just too good to be true?

God is in control.  He has a plan...even for old Sienna vans:)  We can rest in this.  I just had to share this little bit of my joy.

Love to you...


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  1. Thanks for sharing. That is way too cool. I remember your van! This makes me look forward to adding many more memories with God and my family in our minivan.


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