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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Solved Comment Posting Problem...I Hope!

Hi Girls!

I have been working on solving the comment posting problem we have had in the past, and was given a "quick fix," so I hope it works!  It would be nice to have this ONE thing in life be as simple as it seems, wouldn't it?  There is only one way to find out...try to post a comment to this post and let's see what happens.  I am trying to work out all the bugs before we start Choose Joy in a couple of weeks.

God bless you during these lovely (though a bit windy) spring days, my friends!!

Love to you...



  1. I am the first comment - never had a problem. If you want to post where you add your comment is immediately below the pertinent post - not somewhere else on the page. I clicked on teh phrase " 0 COMMENTS" and a sparate window with script box opened up. Once you type you may be required to retype two words just to prove you're not a spam bot. It just takes some getting used to the technology.

  2. That's what my daughter-in-law, Jen, said as well. The only problem is that some of the girls were able to post two years ago and then suddenly weren't able to post. That was really curious to me. The trouble shooter page said to try changing comments from "embedded" to "pop-up" so that is what I did. If I understand you correctly, all you have done in the past to comment is click on the "0 comments"? Is that right? I guess it is a trial and error kind of thing! Thanks, Jo, for your comment....Cherri

  3. I am trying to post... Let me see if it works:)


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