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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Art of Our Own

 I have received some beautiful posts and/or pictures to share with you girls...enjoy:)

Our friend, Esther, sent this post along...

 Page 21 "Trees have always fascinated me. They are so confident, so sure of their identity. Feet rooted strong in the ground of their birth, they don't wander off to find out where they came from. Instead as they grow, their roots go farther into the ground where they already are and their branches reach up higher to God."

There once was a tree rooted strong in the ground,
till one day someone came and cut it down.
She was re-purposed into posts and scattered about.
One came to live on Santa Cruz Island.
This beautiful post, once part of a living tree, lived through seasons.
She lived spring,
    She lived summer,
        She lived fall,
            She lived winter.
She had a wardrobe to match each season.
    She bent and swayed in the wind,
        She gave shade in the summer,
            She provided shelter for other living creatures.
But now she is set in the ground,
No roots!
No life of her own!
Yet here she stands!
Straight and tall!
Part of a fence holding wires.
But that is not all.
She has a glorious view atop a cliff.
A view of the ocean that feels like a dream.
Wildflowers surround her.
And how many birds have perched atop her to sing?
The moss climbed up on her to join in the awe.
Somehow, though rootless, this tree still lives on.
The seasons are different and so is her wardrobe.
From beauty to beauty, she has a story to tell.
You have to listen closely for she will whisper not yell!
Just ask the moss!
It has become quite attached to her.

* * * * * * *

I too, am fascinated by trees. As a young girl I loved to climb trees, sit on their branches, admire their spring, summer, and fall wardrobes, and wonder at their bare winter branches. Like us, trees go through different seasons of life.

I like to wonder what this post looked like before it was taken from its roots. Was it tall? Where did it live? Was it young or old? Was it growing in a pasture, on a hill, in rocky ground, or in a forest? Was it taken on purpose or did a storm blow it down?

How did it end up here? If only this post could talk, what a tale it would tell! Moved from one canvas to another I don't believe it has lost a stroke of beauty. I know not from whence it came but I am blessed to have seen where it ended up. Today it is planted in the soil of Santa Cruz Island. Its purpose is meant to hold up wire, to be a part of a fence. To my eyes it is so much more. It is a beautiful work of art and it takes my breath away.

Lynn sent along these beautiful pictures of majestic pines who very definitely reflect the glory of God!

I am so glad that one of the readers of this blog sent a poem she wrote for all of us to enjoy.  Emily e-mailed me this beautiful poem and I think it is a perfect example of giving God glory through our gifts.

Tree of life tapestry
  Tapestry of Life
Our lives are just a tapestry
And woven they must be
of emerald gold and crimson red
Outlined with burgundy
When the master takes his had
from the weaving he has done

He marvels at the tapestry
he wove  us to become
Love is woven through and through
With mercy side by side
Salvation is delicately woven as a light
 for which Christ die
Yes this is tapestry of life
and the border is
unending love

I found this beautiful picture of a tapestry called "The Tree of Life" designed by Morris and Company in the 19th century.  I thought it fit with Emily's poem perfectly:)  Thanks, Emily for sharing your lovely poem with us.

Please don't hesitate to share with us your own art! E-mail me at

Blessed by you...



  1. Good Morning Ladies, I am so enjoying this book. Each time I dive in to a new adventure, I think about how I am a Peter, I will try to walk on the water, but I am learning that Jesus is there when I start sinking, he is there. Sink or swim he is there!!!!

  2. I am so glad to hear you are enjoying this book, Bettie! It has been a real eye-opener for me too:)


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