How blessed we are to have friends who lift us up, who speak truth to us, who listen, give advice, encouragement and their constant prayers. This is richness; this is true treasure to have such wonderful women in your life.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer Bible Study Together!!!

Hello Girls!!!

We will be doing a another book for Bible study over the summer.  I'm not quite sure what book we will be reading, though I have been given some good ideas.  I will let you all know as soon as I know for sure.  For those girls who hung out with us on the blog last summer, I have deleted all the posts from last summer, so we will be starting out fresh.  I still want to encourage anyone who joins us to feel free to write book reviews, let us know of any prayer requests you might have, and share any ideas on showing love others in our communitiesI look forward to sharing the summer with you, growing in love with God and each other!

Love to you, sweet sisters!


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