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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Million Little Ways Book Giveaway in Three Days!!!!

Summer is coming, Girls!!!

The start-up of the Summer Bible Study Book Blog is right around the corner, and I have TWO copies of A Million Little Ways to GIVE AWAY!!!  In a few days, on Sunday night, May 18, I will draw two names from those who have left comments on the "Together We Are One Wise Woman" Blog the past few weeks.  It's not too late!!!   There is still time to put your name into the drawing!  Simply make a comment on any of the blog posts and you're in!!! Recently, I spent some time with a very gifted "social media specialist."  Following some of her suggestions,  I have made a few changes to the blog with goal of making it more "user friendly." I hope this helps with posting comments.  However, if you have problems leaving a comment, you can email me using the "contact" form on the right side of this page. I will do my best to make this as "frustration free" as possible. 

 I am looking forward to getting this summer blog going this summer and am really excited to have friends joining us from all around the states and from Nicaragua as well!  Isn't it cool that we can stay connected with sisters from around the country and world? 

Please know this is not "my" blog...this is OUR blog, so your comments are very important...after all, TOGETHER we are one wise woman:).  I wouldn't want to live this adventure without you:)

Love you blogging girls and I can hardly wait for June!  



  1. I am so looking forward to reading this book and being a part of this Summer Book blog with you! Love you my friend...glad to have reconnected after all these years!

  2. Ok, here we go again!! Trying to post:)

  3. I am looking forward to this summer too, Tanya, and hearing what you think and what God speaks to you as you read this book...And YAY, Joni!!!!!!!! You did it!!!!!!!

  4. Good job lets see if I can

  5. Woo! Hoo! Maureen!!! I am elated that this is working for you!!!!! We are on a roll!!!:)

  6. Hi! I am excited to read this book!! Just hoping that I can keep up with my kids this summer and this blog!! :)

  7. Hi Tina! I am so glad you will be joining us through the summer. The beauty of the blog is that you can be involved when you can. Of course, I want everyone talking back and forth as much as possible:) I look forward to your comments in the months ahead on these pages!!!

  8. Hi Cherri, I am glad to be joining this book study, my very first one! I am on a train coming home . I have been able to read Desire and Rescue. I am currently letting these chapters soak in, I can't believe how they have opened my eyes. It now makes sense my behavior in running away from the design God had for me. I am hopeful for the future, thank you for this new experience.

  9. I am so glad you are joining us, Cheri! I am hopeful for the future too! God is good and I am so grateful He is always working in our lives, helping us to be the art and create the art He intends for us:)


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