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Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Bow My Words

My daughter, Aimee, has been asking me to take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test for some months.  While I was on vacation this past week, she texted me and once again asked me to take the test.  Exasperated, she typed...IT'S ONLY FOUR QUESTIONS.  Four questions I can do.  So one evening I answered the four questions and found that I was an "ENFP"-Extroverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Perceiving.  One sentence in the description of "ENFPs" was partly spot on:  "Words are their best friends."  The only thing I would add to that is "and at times their worst enemies."

I have had some of you ask for the internet address for the personality test, so I am editing this post to include these fun links.  Here they are.  Have fun:)
 For a little more fun, you can check out which Disney characters are the different personality types at

This week's chapter, "I Bow My Words," is so underlined and highlighted, the sentences left over feel special:)  Controlling my words has been an ongoing issue with me since as far back as I can remember.  My father used to say that "Cherri can talk a mountain lion out of a tree."  I'm not sure exactly what he meant by that but I do know more than once he wished I would just stop the talking.  

I had a wonderful epiphany this week thanks to Linda.  I had known that spoken words could be used in worship, but I had never in my life considered that NOT talking, in obedience to God, could be worship.  Linda writes...

"When I put a watch over the door of my lips and don't give advice to my husband or adult children, I am worshiping my Father.  When I weigh my words on the scale of wisdom and remain silent, God is well-pleased.  It is far easier to talk than walk my worship.  When the words are bursting to come forth, and I wait for God's timing, my words bow in worship before my God." 

That is an awesome thought to me.  In the past ten years or so, God has been teaching me the beauty of the not spoken word...especially in my dearest relationships.  There are moments when I "hear" Him..."Don't say it, Cherri.  Don't do it.  Wait.  Be patient and let ME work."  It has been a wonder to behold as I have watched the Lord heal broken relationships and hurt feelings, correct wrong paths, give wisdom and guidance all without me speaking a syllable.  I love to think of those times of self-control and obedience as worshiping the Lord!  That part of the chapter made me smile:)

Here are just a few more of my favorite parts of this chapter...

I want the three questions Amy Carmichael asked herself routinely about her own speech to become my own.  Is it kind?  Is it true?  Is it necessary?  Mentally asking myself these questions will probably bring my daily word count down significantly.

Most of us know that our words can be used for good in the lives of others.  We know that we have the power to encourage and motivate people, but I had to think about how often I let opportunities to encourage slip by simply because I am not thinking about using my words to encourage.  It truly is a mindset.  One of her exercises in the back of the book was to write down a list of at least five positive statements that would bless someone else.  That small exercise helped me to remember the next day to speak them out loud.  

This past week I was talking with my mom and she said to me, "Your husband deserves a medal, Cherri."  He had been taking care of my dogs, my plants and all of my responsibilities while I took the granddaughters on a week long trip.  You know, she was right.  It didn't dawn on me until I thought back on my mom's comment that I very rarely encourage the man God has specifically given me to encourage.  We have been together for so long now, I guess I figure he knows.  What a thought...that so often I waste words or use words wrong and even hurtfully and neglect to say the words that need saying.  So one of my tasks this week is to write out a list of "25 Reasons Peter is Great" and give it to him.  It will be good for me to sit down and take some time to really appreciate him.  I thought this idea from the book was flat-out brilliant.  I will probably use it over and over.

So that is what I got from this week's chapter.  How about you girls?

Also I thought you girls might enjoy this great song by Hawk Nelson aptly titled...


  1. This chapter is reminding me of our bible study from James!!! The tongue is an unruly member which no man can tame, we bless God, we curse man. Not good!!!
    This week I was reading Psalms and King David made a comment that he would not sit with vain persons, neither go in with "dissemblers".
    If I need help in any area (and I do!!!) it is with controlling my big mouth. Over the past few years, I have asked the Lord for discernment.... mostly at work, when to keep silent and when to speak... and He has helped me... for sure. I no longer just think out loud, say whatever I want to, whenever I want to. I think my next goal, with God's help, is to try to get a grip on my thoughts. They only come out of your mouth if you think them first. I want to speak blessing over my family, friends & co workers. I want my words to be kind and helpful. Even the bible says " Speak the truth in love", being unkind is not an option. Yes , Lord help me with my words. Great chapter once again!!!

  2. Oh Lynn, the Lord is setting you up for next week:) I appreciate your comments each week on the blog. You always have something insightful to add. I, like you, want my words to be blessings and my thought life is always battling with the Holy Spirit over control of my mouth. Thank you for thoughts. I am praying for both of us more and more words inspired and controlled by the Holy Spirit.

    Love you, my friend...



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