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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Showing Our True Colors

I went to Trader Joe's this week to do some shopping.  Being the considerate wife that I am, I decided to buy Peter the snacks he enjoys but I seldom buy because they do not fall into the "fruit and vegetable" category:)  I kind of went crazy and bought him the sourdough pretzels he loves, black pepper potato chips along with some crackers and sharp cheddar cheese.  I was pretty pleased with myself at my generosity and thoughtfulness.  I came through the door with my bags and my dear husband without really knowing what was in the bags said, "Is that all you got???!!!"  Granted the pantry and frig were  pretty low on the food lately, but I had also told him I would be going to Costco on Monday (I am not a weekend Costco shopper).  I won't go into the gory details, but the conversation ended with me telling my husband of thirty-seven years what I really wanted to do at that moment was take his stinking pepper potato chips, stomp them to bits and pour the entire hydrogenated, oily mess over his head like a mini, greasy, peppered potato chip blizzard!  I nearly did it.  The bag was in my hands.  The only thing that stopped me was the presence of my youngest daughter, who, I am sure, thought we were both nuts. For some reason, every once in awhile, Peter and I,  have to visit temporary insanity.

Here's the problem:  I was being a REALLY NICE WIFE and I was SURE he would appreciate the amazing blessedness of being the husband of me, so when he didn't react with the loving gratitude I envisioned, I had a reaction that was very much akin to spontaneous human combustion.    I was disappointed, hurt and angry.  I did not really think in that moment...I did not pray....I did not  meditate on my memory verses...I did leave the room and that was the one smart thing I DID do.

Kay Warren, in this week's chapter mentions that when moments come like this one, we can be thankful our Lord is giving us "an accurate report of where we need to grow and change."  That is so true.  I remember in one of our Beth Moore studies Beth said she was glad God was always teaching her, showing her more, growing her up.  Yes, indeed, I will not be bored in this life of mine with Jesus because He gets to work on so much with me!  I'm ok with that because I want my "true colors" to be the vibrant colors that say something about HIM.  My little moment of junk food kindness toward my husband was sadly really more about me than Peter.  If it had been more about him, I wouldn't have been so easily devastated about his casual comment.

Angela Thomas in her book Choosing Joy wrote she believes we can "joyfully sing with our lives."  What a thought.  Our lives can be lived in such a way that we can BE a song of God's goodness.  "Singing" about our own goodness so often ends in some pretty discordant I so aptly proved. I thought about how often it is my own family members who get the most off key songs in my life.  Kay says we need to remember "our faith life is on display" and might I add...especially to our families.   I needed that reminder.

I could have handled that disappointing moment with grace and even humor.  It was HOW I told him I wanted to wear his potato chips rather than eat them.  Had I used a different tone of voice (not one dripping with "I hope some of it gets in your eyes") it would had  diffused the situation in an instant.

I am definitely a work in progress, but I am determined to live a life that sings!

Love to you girls!


"They will celebrate Your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of Your righteousness."  Psalm 145:7

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