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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saying Good-Bye to James (And My Sienna)

Yesterday I sold my 2002 Sienna van.   That old girl was special to me.  She was the first new car I ever owned.  After ten years and 140,000 miles, she looked great and ran like a charm, in fact, I had just gotten home from one of my numerous trips to Riverside to visit my daughter and her family when I received a call from a man interested in buying her.  I can't help but think of how many worship songs were sung to the top of my lungs that car!  89.7 FM was programmed into my radio and if that weren't on then the iPod was!  She heard lots of worship music, lots of laughter and certainly over the years, some tears.  There were a few places I'm pretty sure that car could go on auto-pilot: to the Desert Vineyard Church, my sister-in-law, Della's, house, Bethel and Desert Christian Schools.  She has taken teams to volleyball and basketball games, vacations to, well, all over; she has gotten me to emergencies, to births and even deaths, and I always felt safe...always.  I am sad to see her go.  I so hope some family buys her and drives her to games and vacations and adds to her legacy even more wonderful memories.

In the same day I said good-bye to my beloved van, I also read the last words in our James study.  Beth asked us to write how we feel about closing out this study with James.  That was an easy answer for me...I am sad to see it end.  Closing the last page on our James study was much like saying good-bye to my Sienna.  

There is so much about this study on James that has impacted my life and will forever leave an impression.  But, I'll tell you, one thing that struck me hard during this reading of James and that was the constant thought in my mind that this was Jesus' little brother...raised with him and pondering all that means as I read James' words.  For some reason, the book of James came to life like no other time in the past with these thoughts firmly rooted into my consciousness.  

And finally, even though James did not make it easy on us...He confronted us on so many topics in those short five chapters, it all really comes down to one message:  Treat others...all others...especially those who are poor (in all the myriad of ways "poor" can mean) with love and respect.  When you are speaking...think of what your words will do.  Will they bring good or maybe some not so good to those who are listening?  When you live out your days on this planet...think about how your actions impact others and For Pete's sake!  Look around, see the need and do something!  And what I especially love is James reminder to us that God's abundant, overflowing wisdom is available to us if we would just ask and believe.

I am sorry to see the last of James as I spend it with you, my friends!  But, Oh, how wonderful it was to spend this journey together!  

My brother, Mark, told me last night that I shouldn't be so sad about my van leaving because there will be a new car in my life with new memories to be made.  And my sweet sister in law, Della, added:  "You will always have the memories of the fun times you and your family had in the van."  True.  And that is they way it is now...Though it is sad to end James, I can hardly wait for what is in the future!  We keep learning and growing together and look at the impact!  Think of all the books given to those at the park, hygiene kits to the homeless, supplies for Monday Night Manna and that is just to name a few!  

I love being apart of this ministry because of how I see Jesus in you, in us and nothing is better than watching Him work in the lives of those He loves and who love Him!!!!

I will see some of you on the blog this summer.  Until then may you be blessed by the presence of the Lord in your life in such a way that He is obvious!

Love to you....


PS-I completely enjoyed Melissa's contributions to the study and found them fascinating!  I hope she will do the same in the future.  I looked forward to those blue shaded pages:)  Did you girls enjoy Melissa's thoughts?  

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