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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer Book Blog: What Women Fear~Walking in Faith That Transforms

Hello Friends!!

It is that time of year...SUMMER!!! (Well, at least it is nearly summer:)

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Graduations are happening everyday as so many of the proud, smiling posts on Facebook prove:)  Kids are out of school and the weather is FINALLY getting warmer!!  It is also time to start up the Together We Are One Wise Woman Summer Book Blog! 

Being, Doing, Proving: An #IF:Gathering Reflection – PureDisciple
This summer we will be reading a book by Angie Smith, wife of Todd Smith, the Dove Award winning lead singer for the group Selah.  She is also the author of several women's Bible studies along with the bestselling book I Will Carry You~Dance of Grief and Joy.

The book we will be reading is What Women Fear~Walking in Faith That Transforms.
Too many of us are paralyzed by fear and anxiety.  Our minds have become "the devil's playground," and we have felt the influence of his "games," mentally, emotionally and physically.  Angie Smith has also dealt with a lifetime of fear, worry and anxiety and has found victory and freedom which she shares with us through the pages in her book.

Please join me and other sisters in our journey this summer through Angie Smith's What Women Fear~Walking in Faith That Transforms.  Join in on the conversation here on the blog and on the DV Women's Ministry Facebook page.

You can purchase the book at Amazon for $8.82.

 We will begin on June 20!  Have a great summer!

With love and blessings for your summer days!



  1. HI Cherri, Michelle Robertson here in Northern Nevada. I'm hoping to do this study, it's my first online study and I pray I am faithful to read, study and grow in my walk. Thank you for providing this opportunity for so many women to grow. In Christ's lLove, Michelle (Joni's friend)

    1. Hi Michelle! I am SO excited you will be joining us this summer on the blog!!! I hope the Lord will bless you through these summer months as we discuss this book together!!!

  2. I am really enjoying this book so far. I can definitely relate to trying to take control. Although I have had great progress in this area I still have far to go. I have noticed though that even in the most trying of times I am reminding myself that God has a plan maybe not one I understand or possibly even like but one I need to trust.

  3. Ok, I need to ask a question about a question. Where it says God asked the question "Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation?" Maybe I am naive but what is he asking?

  4. You're not naive at all. Good question! This question and others God asks Job in Job 38-41 are rhetorical. God was not expecting Job to answer. These questions were to make Job think about WHO God is in comparison to man. This dialogue happens after chapters of Job and his friends discussing Job, God and Job's predicament. Finally, God says basically...ENOUGH! And question after question is thrown at Job to help him see that God is the only One who is all-knowing, all-powerful, time does not bind him or place...He is everywhere at all times. And after this battery of questions, Job gets it! His response to God in Chapter 42 is beautiful and an example to us all! I hope this helps you understand this a bit better. Love to you!!1


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