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Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello sweet friends,

This week on "Contentment" was, as always, perfect timing in my life.  I have been brought to tears in repentance and yet I am joyful in the knowledge that  I have a Lord who knows my heart and refuses to let me stay where I am.  Katie's questions on Day 4 had a profound impact on me...opened my eyes and refocused my heart on all that I have to be thankful for...and there is plenty. 

Wasn't that a heart and mind stretcher when she asked you to "describe an ongoing circumstance in which you feel discontented" and to "write down two or three things to be thankful about in that situation"?  So the shift in thinking and talking has begun. 

I would love to hear your thoughts...

Love to you...



  1. Kathy Wangsgard is having difficulty posting on the blog for some reason, so she sent me this post on contentment and told me I could post this for her.

    Good morning,YEAH, I am not not totally behind. Just a little, as I am in the chapter on contentment, finishing up day 1. It is such a good reminder of how rich I truly am. As I filled out the list on the journal pages, I knew I really didn't have enough room, so tried to be brief. I am rich in that my needs are met. I am rich in that I have relationships, family and friends I treasure who are trusting and loving, I am rich in that I have been able to touch the lives of little ones, I am rich in that when I have been sick or worried about health, God makes his presence and comfort known. I am rich in that when I have been a brat and have unreasonable expectations of people, (poor husband, and those closest to me ), God has in his patient and kind way has shown me the error of my ways. What more could I want? Though I do think of what those things could be, just thinking about this list has helped to put that in perspective.


  2. Kathy puts it so well, doesn't she? Do any of us have truly serious needs?...on occasion, to be sure. After all, it promotes our dependence on God. But the Lord's constant provision (although not always in the way I would like), should speak loudly those words of Paul "godliness with contentment is great gain." (ITim 6:6)

    I'm finding as I grew older, it's easier to be content. Perhaps from a history of God's provision. But even so, I have such a long way to go. It's too easy to start whining about this-and-that. Perhaps that's why my friend, Sue, gave me a sign for my bday that I'm looking at right now. It says: "Count Your Blessings. Recounts are OK."

    Learning to be content....



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