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Monday, July 11, 2011

What can you do with ten dollars??????

Hey Girls!!!

Did any of you catch that challenge nonchalantly thrown out to us on page 128?  It is at the end of the paragraph with the heading "EXTRA PERSPECTIVE."  Katie writes that we might want to be courageous in a practical way and see "how much good you can do with $10 in an afternoon."  This could  be some beginning steps in becoming courageous in a practical and creative way and in the process have some fun too!

If you decide to take this challenge, share with us what you did with your $10 day!!!  I know that God loves to open doors to willing hearts so asking Him to show us where to be courageous with our $10 is just the kind of prayer He enjoys to answer!  I don't think we should put any time limit on the Lord leads...step out, give and then share with us your story.

 Looking forward to hearing from you....


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