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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Introduce Yourself!!! And Miscellaneous...

Hello Girls!

My dear friend, Robin, who will be joining us on the blog this summer, had a great idea!  She asked if she could invite her friends from out of the area to be a part of our blog through the summer.  That sounds like a wonderful idea, so if you have friends you might like to join us...please don't hesitate to let them know they are more than welcome to share the Character Makeover summer journey with us.  

Because we might not all know each other, I thought it a good idea to introduce ourselves to the group as we join.  All you need to do is give your name, where you are from and a couple of sentences describing yourself to the group. Write it as a comment to this post.  We will be getting to know each other very well over the next month or so:).  This was very obvious to me as I began to read the first chapter of this book!  

While we are on the topic of good ideas...some others of you had great ones as well.  (That's why "together we are one wise woman"!:)  One of the ladies asked if we could upload pictures during the summer...What a wonderful thought!!!  Jen says that we can, so I will ask her to write a separate tutorial on how to upload pictures to the site.  (By the way, thank you, Jen, for explaining the blogging process so well to us!  We truly appreciate your help.) I know that some of you are excellent photographers, so it will be fun for us all to share in each others' summer adventures!  

Another idea mentioned was sharing summer recipes.  I love this idea, too!  Really, the options for using this blog are as limitless as the ideas that come to your minds!! I look forward to it all!

Well, I pray that your summer is already a blessing!

Talk to you tomorrow...let the blogging begin:)

Love to you....



  1. Hi, my name is Cherri. I am a native Antelope Valleyite (quite a claim to fame, I know, but I will try to work on that this week during the "Humility: chapter:) I enjoy spending time in the morning with my Bible in my lap, hanging out with my family, gardening, hiking, and doing Bible studies with other women. I am looking forward to the rich conversations we will have together this summer. See you on the blog!

  2. Hi, my name is Bettie from the Antelope Valley,
    lived here for 38 years. I love reading my bible, going to bible studies and being involved in all areas of my church. I am involved in the prayer ministry and the women's ministry. I also lead a grief support group. I am a Grandmother 0f 6 grandchildren, I have one great grand son. Looking forward to sharing on the blog.

  3. Hi, my name is Cathy. I am a Lancaster, CA, resident and a busy professional woman. I miss attending women's Bible studies because of the unpredictability of my work commitments, and I am so excited about this opportunity to participate via the web. What a great use of social networking!

    I am an active business leader in the community and love my work. In my free time, when I have it, I enjoy sewing, playing the guitar, and yoga. I am the mother of two adult young men and one high school-age daughter. I also have a lovely daughter-in-love and two beautiful grandchildren.

    I am looking forward to participating in the discussion as soon as my book arrives - hopefully by the end of the week.

  4. Hi there,
    I live in Boise, ID with my husband of 34 years. I have 4 married adult children with 8 precious grandchildren. I have been the receptionist for Vineyard Boise for the past 12 years and I still love it! I am looking forward to growing in my relationship with my Saviour and in my character as well!

  5. Hello everyone,
    I'm Lynn, I live in the Antelope Valley with my woderful husband, Mike, of 25 years.I have 2 adult step children and 4 beautiful grand kids... along with about 11 neices and nephews I'm just toatally crazy about. I love the bible studies at The Vineyard, along with time alone with The Lord, of course. I am looking forward to this study with you all. That's the southern part of me coming out:)

  6. Hi ladies,
    I'm Diane, my hubby, Ken, & I live in Lake Elizabeth out of the Antelope Valley. We have 2 adult children and 6 grandchildren ages 6 yrs to 16 yrs. I'm very involved with women in business and ministries. I'm excited about trying this venue. Thanks, Cherri!

  7. Hello Everyone,
    My name is Erica. When I first heard about this study at church a few weeks ago, I was excited to join and had every intention of going home, ordering my book, and beginning some genuine bloggy friendships. However, upon arriving home something distracted me and as often happens, the best laid plains were derailed. I am now back on track ready to see what God is going to teach me and so grateful that once again He is going to use sweet Cherri and other women from the body to show me His Truths.

  8. Good morning ladies!

    I'm Robin and I live in Lancaster (been here a looooooong time) with my sweet husband and 2 children still at home. We have 4 total, but our oldest 2 are off to college. I love it when they're all home! :) I am thankful to be able to work from home and I home school our youngest, which I really enjoy. I love serving in women's ministry and teaching the cute, little first graders at church. I'm excited about this book and this new way of sharing the experience. It's also kind of nice to go through this study without the added focus of leading a table discussion. It's just God and me (and my online sisters). Looking forward to growing together. Thank you, Cherri. Love you!!!


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